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Stanislaus County bicycle, motorcycle and auto accident injury attorney John McCarthy can help you get the settlement you need to offset your damages and medical bills.

Maybe you’re driving up I-5, just through Patterson, or over on Highway 99, through Modesto, Ceres, or Turlock, or maybe you’re heading through Oakdale, on Highway 120, or Highway 108, on your way to Yosemite.  Maybe you’re boating on the San Joaquin River, or rafting by Knights Ferry. Or maybe you’re coming home from Lake McSwain or Splash-n-Dash… 

Highway 99, through Modesto, Ceres, or Turlock | Stanislaus County Accident Injury Attorney

…Suddenly, a drunk driver tries to pass you, and loses control side-swiping you.  Your car spins out and flips, end over end.  However it happened, if you got hurt in Stanislaus County you’ll want an attorney who is experienced in handling personal injury law suits to fight for your rights and help you get the justice you deserve. 

How can a Stanislaus County accident injury lawyer help?

Good personal injury lawyers can help you get the right treatment, from the right doctors to help you overcome your injuries.  Good personal injury lawyers can also help guide you through the process and ensure that your rights are protected.  Some personal injury lawyers take on too many cases.  They sign up everyone who walks in the door, send demand letters, and then try to settle the cases without much effort, for enough money to make it worth their while, without much concern for their clients. 

We do things a little differently.  We’re very selective with our cases.  We review your free, confidential, case evaluation form.  If we think we’re in a position to help, we’ll set up a free consultation.  At the free consultation, we’ll ask you some questions about the facts, we’ll tell you a little about the law, and then we’ll tell you how we’d try to help you.  We’re trial lawyers.  We believe that the Seventh Amendment isn’t some after thought.  We believe that the right to trial by jury was designed for regular people, and that corporate interests are afraid of it, so they have done everything they can to undermine it.  So, we want to take your case to trial.  If you are just looking for a quick settlement, we’re probably not the right fit for you.  We will probably ask you to get ahold of some records for us to take a look at.  We’ll probably want to see your medical records, and the police report.  After we take a look at those, if we still think we’re in a position to help we’ll want to go over those records with you, and show us what we see, and why we think it can help us.  We’ll also want to get to know you a little better.  So, we typically go over your records in your house.  That way when we talk to a jury about how you walk down a hallway full of pictures of you before the injury, we’ll know where to pause to look at the one picture that hurts you the most.   

What do I do if in an accident in Stanislaus County?

If you have been hurt in an accident in Stanislaus County, you are probably wondering what to do next.  First things first, you need to do everything you can to get better.  It’s important to do everything you can to get your life back in order.  It will not be easy.  It will not be fun.  But, it is necessary for your life, and, your case.  You did not ask to get into an accident.  But, you can do everything in your power, to help yourself get better. 

The law says you have a duty to “mitigate damages” meaning you have to do everything you can, to get as close as you can, to how you were before the accident.  If you sit around, feeling sorry for yourself, not doing anything to improve your condition, you are only going to make things worse for yourself, and your case.  The defendant’s attorney will argue that you are a “malingerer” and that you are just trying to “hit the litigation lotto.”  In addition, litigation is tough, and the stronger you are, the better your chances of recovering.  So, you want to make sure you get better. 

Along those lines, you want to make sure you are getting the help you really need.  That means making sure you are seeing the right doctors, getting the right treatment, and that you have the right people advising you on what to do next.  You want a team of people looking out for you.  That’s where a help accident lawyer in Stanislaus County can help out. 

How much do personal injury lawyers in Stanislaus County?

Rather than charge expensive, hourly rates, most attorneys for injured people take cases on a contingency fee basis.  That means that they get paid a percentage of whatever they collect for their clients.  That’s what we do.  We take cases on, without expensive retainers.  We get paid a percentage of whatever we recover for you depending on when the case is resolved.  If we can resolve your case without filing, we get 25%.  If we have to file a lawsuit on your behalf, we get 33%.  If we have to oppose a motion for summary judgment or go to trial, we get 40%.  We front all your costs. That is why we have a “No Recovery? No Fee.” guarantee.

Will a Stanislaus County personal injury lawyer help me?

Maybe.  We take serious injury, and wrongful death cases throughout the state.  We take cases on a contingency fee basis.  We front the costs.  We offer a free, confidential, case evaluation form.  The form goes straight to award-winning personal injury attorney, John McCarthy’s inbox.  John reviews and responds to every inquiry, typically in less than 24 hours.  If we think we’re in a position to help, we’ll offer you a free consultation.  If we don’t think we’re in a position to help, we’ll provide you with resources to help you understand the law, find an attorney, and even represent yourself if you can’t find an attorney.  Personal injury cases have strict statutes of limitations, some are even as soon as six months after the accident.  So, why wait?  Fill out your free, confidential, case evaluation form today. 



Your responses will go straight to John’s inbox. John will review and respond by the end of the business day. If John thinks he can help, he’ll email you a link to schedule a free consultation with him. If John doesn’t think he can help, he’ll email you resources to help you understand the law, find a qualified lawyer to help you, and take steps to protect your rights. No waiting around.

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