California Bicycle Laws About You and Your Bike
California Bicycle Laws

Cute dog in bicycle basket. California Bicycle Laws About You and Your Bike.

Before you hit the road on your bike in California, you must ensure your bicycle is street legal according to California bicycle laws.  Your bike must be equipped with:

  • An Appropriately Sized Bike: Your bike must be small enough for you to stop, support with one foot on the ground, and start safely.
  • Brakes: Your bike’s brake(s) must allow you to perform a one-braked-wheel skid on dry, level, clean pavement.  
  • Handlebars: Must not be higher than your shoulders. 
  • Lights: At night, a white headlight, visible from the front, must be attached to the bike, or bicyclist.
  • Reflectors: At night, your bike must have the following reflectors:
    • Visible from the front and back: white or yellow reflector on each pedal, or on the bicyclist’s shoes or ankles;
    • Visible from the side: white or yellow reflector on the front half of the bicycle and a red or white reflector on each side of the back half fo the bike;
    • Visible from the back: red reflector.  You may attach a solid or flashing red read light in addition. 
  • Seats: Must have a permanent, regular seat, unless the bicycle is designed by the manufacturer to be ridden without a seat.  Passengers less than 40 pounds must have a seat which retains them in place, and protects them from moving parts. 

So, now that you know what you need for your bike, here are some other California bicycle laws you need to know to make sure you are street legal while riding your bicycle in California:

California Bicycle Laws – YOU the Bike Rider – What Bike Laws Should I Know?

  • Helmets: Bicyclists and passengers, under 18 years-old, must wear an approved helmet with riding on a bike.  Although all bicyclists, and all passengers should wear helmets when riding a bike. 
  • Headphones: Like drivers, cyclers must have one ear free from earplugs, or headsets.  However, hearing aids are allowed. 
  • Cell phones: Unlike drivers, bicyclists can use handheld cell phones while riding their bikes.  But, don’t be that person who is paying attention to their phone, and crashes their bike into a shrub. 
  • Alcohol and Drugs:  BUI’s (biking under the influence) is a real thing.  Bicyclists may not ride their bike while under the influence of drugs, and/or alcohol. 
  • Hitching Rides: Bicyclists may not hitch rides from vehicles.  It is illegal, risky, and dumb. 
  • Carrying stuff: Bicyclists must have at least one hand free to operate the bicycle. 
  • Pedestrians: Bicyclists must yield the right of way to pedestrians within marked crosswalks, or within unmarked crosswalks at intersections.  But, bicyclists should always yield the right of way to pedestrians because it is the courteous thing to do. 
  • Parking: Bicyclists must take care when parking their bikes.  They must make sure they are not leaving their bikes on their sides on the sidewalk, or in a manner which obstructs pedestrians. 
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